HVAC / Absorption Cooling

Industrial Ventilation, Filtration

AIR TECHNIC implements conceptual designs, project documentation and technology:

High Temp/Hot Gas Filtration with Ceramic Fibre Elements

HF filters are designed to filtering of solids particles from media up to 650 ° C. The filter material is alumino-silicate fiber ceramic element, filtration class EU 10 and a temperature resistance 900° C. The HF filter is equipped with pulsed regeneration of ceramic elements by compressed nitrogen. The dusts are extracted from the HF filter gravitationally through a system of flaps that separate the inner and outer pressure of the filter.


AIR TECHNIC provides complex implementation of technical equipment for administrative buildings, shopping centers, healthcare facilities specializing in clean rooms, printer technologies, industrial buildings, etc. These are deliveries and assemblies of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, incl. related professions – cooling, heating, I&C systems.

Cooling, Aircondition, Absorption Cooling

AIR TECHNIC designs and supplies cooling systems. As a source of cold is used:

We specialize in the installation of absorption cooling. It is beneficial where waste heat is available, resulting in significant savings in operating costs. AIR TECHNIC consults assessing the economy of operation for each type of cooling.


AIR TECHNIC designs and supplies heating systems and provides activities related to heating systems:


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